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What is canna blend? Can i buy that in Bristol?

Buy canna blend Bristol

Can i buy Canna Blend oil in Bristol?

Before you buy something we give you the advise. Read before you buy, We dit our best for you to tell you about our canna blends in Bristol

What is canna blend?

Canna blend Is one of our newest products that we bring to the market. A real asset to our range of THC free and therefore legal according to the law! And rich in various cannabinoids.

How we did it, with our love for cannabis?

We have combined the passion for the profession with our team full of specialists in America with heart and soul, we have invested our time and energy in a new weed oil 420 Dutch Highlife Canna Blend. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to sell THC, so you will not find high concentrations of THC in our products, we like to comply with the law!

In Holland we have rules for products…

Unfortunately, in the Netherlands we are not allowed to name our newest type of cannabis oil “Canna Blend” after the names that the product actually has. With us in our facebook community you can find enough information which cannabinoids are good for which condition or which positive effects this can have on the human body. Can’t figure it out? Post a topic and you will certainly be helped!

Buy canna blend Bristol verry easy click here under on the link:

First one is, 420 Dutch Highlife Canna Blends 1:

We make a mix of CBD & CBG. With an olive oil as a base.

The second one is, 420 Dutch Highlife Canna Blends 2:

It is a mix of CBD & CBC & CBN. With an olive oil as a base.

420 Dutch Highlife Canna Blends 3:

The mix of Cannabigerol & Cannabidiol. With an olive oil as a base.

Our 420 Dutch Highlife Canna Blends 4:

A mix of CBD & CBC combined in a 10 ml bottle, with olive oil as the base.

We mixed the last, 420 Dutch Highlife Canna Blends 5:

Last mix of CBD & CBN, with an olive oil as a base.

#buy canna blend Bristol

In America they call our blends:

1. 420 Dutch Highlife Canna blend 1: Perfect hair .

2. 420 Dutch Highlife Canna blend 2: Make up & Balance

3. 420 Dutch Highlife Canna blend 3: Anti-Aging

4. 420 Dutch Highlife Canna blend 4: Pain & Relief

5. 420 Dutch Highlife Canna Blend 5: Anti-inflammatory

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to do that in the Netherlands and we have invented a cannab blend 1 / 5 for these products!

We have social media

Contact us on tik tok: 420 Dutch Highlife Tik Tok 

Would you like to know more about canna blend? Then please feel free to contact us!

Then read our blogs. You can also take a look at our community: 420 Dutch Highlife a Cannabis Community

You can find our blends ad: 420 Dutch Highlife Blends

For us we like it verry much to meet you, you can always contact us for further informatio. We are happy to help you!

#420Dutchhighlife team!!


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