Buy shilajit online!

buy shilajit

Buy shilajit online?

If you want to buy Shilajit online? be wise and read up a little bit before you just put something in your body. That is the first advice we can give you before you buy shilajit online!

Where can I buy Shilajit online?

The shilajit that you can buy at 420dutchhighlife.com is the best quality we can supply, our mumijo contains no less than 50% (fulvic acid). We sell shilajit at multiple locations. Our Mumijo is also called black gold shilajit in the Himalayas where our moutain licorice comes from.

Can I order shilajit online?

Of course you can buy shilajit online go to 420 Dutch Highlife Webshop to purchase a jar of mountaindrop / mumijo.

Is shilajit also for sale in the shop?

Yes, you can definitely buy this in a store. We have several locations where you can go too buy Shilajit: Smiley Moments, Podos Prevent in Amersfoort, Lifestyle 030 on the:
Kanaalstraat 68 in Utrecht.

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Can I order shilajit from abroad?

420 Dutch Highlife ships all over the world as long as it is legal in the country you order from. Of course we ship neatly and discreetly.

Where can you buy the best quality Shilajit?

As one of the few we sell pure top quality shilajit extract. With more than 84 minerals and 50% fulvic acid. We at 420 Dutch Highlife always strive for the best quality!

How much to use shilajit per day?

You can start with a small 300mg per day, and build this up to 500 / 600mg per day. Of course, light on how the body reacts. In case of complaints, of course, stop immediately!

Where can I buy fulvic acid?

Our 420 Dutch Highlife black gold shilajit contains 50% fulvic acid, Fulvic acid detoxifies your body fairly quickly and effectively and neutralizes contaminants in our body. Fulvic acid also improves the absorption of nutrients, especially minerals and amino acids. Fulvic acid also supports the enzyme processes in our human body, improving your body’s digestion and assimilation of food.

Did you know that shilajit is the secret of Hollywood stars?

Shilajit has existed for thousands of years before we lived with them all. Used by the Vedics of ancient India, it has roots as a truly fortifying natural medicine.

Nowadays, shilajit is starting to become known and gain traction in mainstream culture, not just Ayurvedic medicine. Some of Hollywood’s biggest names even use shilajit in their routines.

The Simpsons Matt Groening and his wife Augustina Picasso are users of Fulvic acid. When Augustina was pregnant with their twins, she took shilajit every day. When the girls were born, the doctors were very impressed with how strong they were.

Another of these Hollywood elites using mountain sweat/mumijo is Gwenyth Paltrow, aka Goop. Known for her more natural approach to food and cosmetics, Paltrow has incorporated shilajit into her life through her morning smoothies.

buy shilajit just like Hollywood stars?

Other celebrities claiming the benefits of mountain drop include Big Little Lies Shailene Woodley and Zoë Kravitz, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’s Rooney Mara, The Notebook’s Rachel McAdams.

These famous women consume shilajit by the strange name of “Moon Dust”. Moon Dust comes in six different varieties: sex, action, beauty, brain, goodnight, and mind – presumably to enhance those specific aspects of your life.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to enjoy the effects of Shilajit. Coffee shops and restaurants are starting to put it on their menus. Cafe Gratitude in Los Angeles has added the Immortal Ayurvedic Latte with shilajit as a key ingredient. LifeFood Organic in Hollywood and Santa Monica adds shilajit to their immune boosting hot chocolate.

Shilajit is trending in 2023 for a reason. It works perfectly. Big pharma spends money for a reason with the hope of making it illegal in countries…..

Don’t forget Elon Musk and Bruce Lee they too are/were loyal to shilajit!

Buy  shilajit in the Netherlands 2023?

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