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Can you go to a cannabis dispencary in the Netherlands without a card?

Can I go to a cannabis dispensary in the Netherlands without a card? Yes, you can go to a coffeeshop in the Netherlands without a medical card for medical marijuana from the Netherlands. Recreational cannabis has been legalized in the Netherlands. Which means you can easily walk into a coffee shop. Here in the Netherlands it is not called a cannabis dispensary but here we call it a coffee shop. Where you can enter as an 18 year old.

No alcohol will be sold in Dutch cannabis dispensaries, Alcohol and cannabis is a bad combination!

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In the Netherlands you can buy hash or weed at coffee shops since 1976.

The state of the Netherlands has set a limit of 5 grams per day. If you are a medical patient like me, you can order a maximum of 35 grams per month when the doctor fix it for you. That’s the maximum a doctor can recommend, but it’s also technically possible that a doctor would recommend lower amounts, depending on your discussion with your doctor.

Coffee shops in the Netherlands:

Not only amsterdam has beautiful coffeeshop / cannabis dispesary´s
We have so many beautiful cities with so many nice coffeeshops. Amsterdam is a tourist spot find the real tasty weed in the local villages!

The coffee shop should not be confused with the place where you order your latte or cappuccino. Most do sell this: in the Netherlands a ‘coffee shop’ is a cafe where weed and hash is sold. But a number of coffee shops also serve coffee! The coffee shop is a place where you can relax at your leisure. Where you can meet all nationalities. And ideally you can network


CBC olie, Cannabis olie, cannabis, 420, herstel, pijnLearn about Dutch drug policy.

Then you know exactly what you can and cannot do when you visit a coffee shop / marijuana dispesary / cannabis dispensary

Check the local rules  before you get kicked out! Would be a shame after all

The progressive Dutch attitude towards cannabis is well known. We all know a Dutch version of Bob Marley. You can buy small amounts of weed and hash and smoke it on the spot in special cannabis cafes called ‘coffee shops’. The aim of the Dutch drug policy is to keep drug use manageable. Transparent and out of criminality. Which is not entirely successful, but they have done their best. Dutch lawmakers have been known for their slow approach for 50 years of fiddling with cannabis regulations, and many people see coffee shop policies as a way to create fear for people who are actually farmers or florists. Are put away as serious criminals if you do not follow the law, they have the pick of your law 2.0 in 2022.

Get to know the Dutch drug policy!

Do’s and don’ts when visiting a coffee shop, Check the local rules for yourself of course, Save you a night at the police station!

The progressive Dutch attitude towards cannabis is well known. You can buy small amounts of weed and hash and use it on the spot in special cannabis cafes called ‘coffee shops’. The Dutch drug policy is to keep drug use manageable. Transparent and out of crime. Dutch legislators are known for their pragmatic approach. And many people see coffee shop policies as a way to free up resources that allow the police to focus on hard drugs and serious crime that really matters.

Drugs in the Netherlands: what is allowed?Premium CBG oil, cannabis oil, cannabis olie, cannabis, 420

Although drugs including cannabis are illegal under the Dutch Opium Act, the so-called tolerance policy means that this law is not enforced if certain rules are adhered to. Coffee shop customers must be at least 18 years old. There is a limit of five grams per person per day. And coffee shops are not allowed to sell alcohol, each cannabis dispansary must not have more than 500gr in total in the shop. Each municipality can restrict the sale of soft drugs on its own territory with additional rules that they wish. Due to Amsterdam’s policy. The number of coffee shops there has shrunk considerably in recent years and street trade has grown. Good to know: coffee shops only sell cannabis products, while smart shops legally sell psychedelic truffles (but no magic mushrooms, which are prohibited).

If you think about where the name ‘coffee shop’ comes from: it originated during the more or less secret drug deals in cafes in the early 1970s when cannabis began to take root in the Netherlands.

The coffeeshop Mellow Yellow in Amsterdam (closed in 2017 unfortunately!!) was the first coffeeshop to receive a permit from the municipality in 1972.

Coffee shops: the rules for tourists in the Netherlands

Certain rules apply when visiting a marijuana dispensary. You can buy a maximum of five grams of weed or hash per day. You can’t get alcohol and you must be able to show ID to verify your age. Most coffee shops do not sell alcoholic beverages. Since 2008 it has been forbidden to smoke tobacco in Dutch catering establishments, so it is not allowed to smoke a combination of tobacco and cannabis in the coffee shop. In addition, always ensure your own safety: only buy from reliable coffee shops (not from street dealers) and do not drive under the influence of drugs.

Since 2013, additional measures have been introduced to limit the use of coffee shops to residents of the Netherlands. This means that customers must be able to demonstrate that they are officially registered with a Dutch municipality. This rule is enforced in Maastricht at the time of writing. But not in Amsterdam and most other cities.

I hope that our knowledge will help you and that you have a very nice holiday here in our country! If you have time, we have a store on the Kanaalstraat in Utrecht, come and have a look!

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